The Core Team

The iHeal System is a rather long-term research-and-development project that is been carried out at the University of Rostock. All the project activities including all research and development actions are planned, coordinated, and partly done by a long-term core team that draws its members from the Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Science as well as the Institute of Sport Science. In alphabetical order, the core members are:

Name Function
Martin Behrens Martin Behrens Integration into the Movement Laboratory
Experimental Validation
Ralf Joost Ralf Joost Controller Design and Implementation
Ralf Salomon Ralf Salomon Hardware/Software System Design
Sven Bruhn Sven Bruhn Practical Validation and Parameter Identification

Significant Contributions

Due to its nature, complexity, and size, the iHeal project enjoys a variety of significant contributions that are all, regardless of their size, very important for the project’s overall success.

Name Function
Anne-Katrin Hapke Anne-Katrin Hapke Multi Media Support
Henning Jürß Henning Jürß Realization of the controller board and the wireless communication
Korinna Brackebusch Korinna Brackebusch Realization of the first case study
Oliver Mietz Oliver Mietz Second Design Study
Raik Dörfert Raik Dörfert Second Design Study
Mathias Schimmelpfennig Mathias Schimmelpfennig Design and realization of the first test sensor frame
René Romann René Romann Software Re-Design and Extensions
Sören Wedow Sören Wedow Second Design Study
Susanne Fischer Susanne Fischer Software Re-Design and Extensions

Evaluation Partners

The following partners help by contributing first clinical studies.

Name Function
PD Dr. med. habil.<br/>Peter Hinz <br/> Universitätsmedizin <br/> Greifswald PD Dr. med. habil.
Peter Hinz
First clinical study