Sytem Overview

The entire system consists of the following three parts:
  1. a complex sensor, which is attached to the knee
  2. a wireless (WiFi) communication module
  3. a data processing and visualization software
System Overview

The Sensor

Essentially, the (complex) sensor is a frame that employs three potentiometers. These potentiometers measure the three angles α, β, and γ.

Since the lengths a and b are known by construction (manufacturing), fundamental trigonomoetry can calculate the actual knee angle δ as well as the two lengths c and d. Consequently, the tiba displacement Τ = Δd sin(δ) is identical to the change in the length d and the sin(δ) of the knee angle δ.
The Complex Sensor
The first feasibility study (Stabilo model kit): very simple, flexible, almost zero cost, but successful. The First Feasibility Study
The new sensor frame: smaller in size, more accurate measurements, and ergonomic attachments. An Improved Sensor Realization

The Wireless Communication Module

The wireless communication board has the following specifications:
  1. the Avisaro W20511 WiFi chip
  2. an ATmega32 μC for data processing and data (packet) handling
  3. up 16 channels at 1000 samples/second
  4. transmission range of up to 250 meters
The Wireless Communication Module

The Evaluation Software

The evaluation software offers:
  1. maintenance and administration of all data
  2. simultaneous visualization of different data graphs
The Monitor

Current Laboratory Tests

The current feasibility study in action ... On a Treadmill