iHeal: A New Era in Cruciate Ligament Diagnosis

iHeal is a smart sensor system that supports medical staff in diagnosing Cruciate Ligament ruptures. iHeal is attached to the leg around a possibly injured knee, and has the following advantages:

Doctors and Physiotherapists
  • easy handling, even for nurses and other medical staff
  • diagnosis at a glance, no experiences required
  • first and only mobile diagnosis system, which allows for diagnosis in situ, i.e., while standing, moving, walking, jumping, and practicing sports
  • wireless data transmission to an evaluation laptop/tablet, thus maximal mobility
  • automated data processing and documentation
  • no long-term appointments required, immediate diagnosis
  • optimized rehabilitation on an individual basis
  • unobtrusive wearing during diagnosis and rehabilitation
Insurance Companies
  • low-cost
  • one-time investment for the doctor, not further costs
Animal Owners
  • applicable to large-size animals, such as horses, dogs, and camels

Video: iHeal in Action

The iHeal Project, Version 1.0

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